Straitedge Inflatable Kayak

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Comfortable and easily portable, the StraitEdge Inflatable Kayak is perfect for exploring mild to rough waters in remote locations. Shaped like a sit-on-top, this kayak packs into a single large duffel bag, making an easy addition to your regular hiking or outdoor gear.

Self-bailing ports can be opened in rougher waters, or closed during a lazy afternoon paddle on slack water. For the avid fisherman, built-in rod holders help make any fishing trip a breeze. The aluminum frame provides superior tracking and keeps your bow on course with fewer corrective paddle strokes.

Durable as anything, the StraitEdge Inflatable Kayak is built from high-performance, heavy-duty PVC. Kayak comes equipped with a comfortable high-back seat, and enough legroom to pack more than enough gear for (almost) any adventure.

 By the Numbers:

  • Dimensions (inflated): 9'8” x 35"
  • Dimensions (deflated): 30" x 17" x 10"
  • Kayak Weight: 34 lbs.
  • Max Capacity: 300 lbs.