About Us

We Get You.

You love the outdoors— the rush you get when you discover something new, the seductive calm of a lake in the morning, the pulse-quickening roar of a class III rapid.

 We get it. And we get you.

 You live for this stuff. For adventure. For seeing a side of the world that most never see. For experiences that are almost impossible to describe to anyone stuck in the gray, 9–5 cubicle life.

 And that’s why we’ve made it our mission to bring you the tools, equipment, and gear you need to paddle your passion. Affordably, without breaking the bank.

 Unbeatable Prices. Seriously.

 We use our connections with vendors, our extremely low operating costs, and love of paddle sports to bring you high-quality kayak equipment at unbeatable prices.

 And yes, we truly mean unbeatable. In fact, we encourage you to try: With any of our products, use the “Make Offer” feature to negotiate a lower price. We’ll work in the background, crunch the numbers, talk to our reps, and do whatever we can to make it happen.

 It’s this dedication to value that allows us to offer better prices than any major retailer on the market. Browse our products and try it today.

Run by Outdoors Enthusiast.

We're river guides, paddlers, and fishermen who have spent time on the oceans and rivers around the US and the world. We're excited to grow this business and thank you for supporting us. Please let us know if you have any questions, you will receive an answer right from us not some support line.